Why you should always Backup your Data

You should know by now that computer data should always be backed up. However, most people do not understand the reason for back up and what are the available backup strategies. There are many back up solutions and through this blog post,  we aim to shed some light on this matter.

There are too many ways in which you can lose data in your computer. This can be due to unintentional reasons or malicious intent. Deciding what to backup is really up to each person’s needs. The rule of thumb is that anything that cannot be replaced or created easily should always be backed up.

One way one can keep track of what files to back up is to keep a checklist. This would make it easier to decide which files need to be backed up in a priority. It is acts as a point of reference when a back up is actually needed.

Here are some of the common list of files which are backed up:

  • Personal Projects
  • Email contacts
  • Bookmarks
  • Paid softwares
  • Music and movies
  • Bank statements and financial information

There are many solutions when it comes to backing up your data. We will go through some of them and determine which are the best for your situation. A power bank might be a good solution for you.

A USB Hard Drive is a large storage solution which can store up to 3TB of data. The beauty of this solution is that it is a one off charge and you can always buy more drives if you need more space. However, physical drives are prone to failure similar to the drive in your desktop or laptop.


A USB thumb drive is a small storage device that uses flash memory and connects to a USB port on your computer. Thumbdrives nowadays have relatively good storage capacity given their small form factor. They are also compatible with many operating systems such as Windows and Mac. Although they do hold relatively good storage, their capacity come no where close to hard drives. These are very useful for small file back ups. Check out www.giftmarket.com.sg for lovely custom USBs.


Computers are far from perfect and files can become corrupt and not usable. You may very well lose precious data when your computer fails.

For these reasons, you should always back up your data periodically and not leave things to luck. Although backing up you data can be a hassle, it should always be a habit to do so.

What Is a Flash Drive?

A flash drive is a small piece of equipment used to store and transfer information for computers using a USB. Use the USB end of a flash drive to store music, photos or other documents from a computer with information from a certified computer technician in this free video on computers.