SEO like a Pro in Singapore

Do you have a website or business in Singapore? If have experience managing a website, you will know that it is difficult to draw traffic to your content. One of the ways you can try to bring traffic to your website is through SEO Singapore.

SEO is the process of making your website more visible to search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. It is essential if you have a website that is difficult to bring in traffic via social media or other means. In the past, keyword cramming and stuffing is all it takes to bring your website to the top of search results. However, with today’s complex search algorithms, quality and relevancy is what counts. Rank ninja is one company that provides excellent SEO services in Singapore.

To have your website show up in the search engines, you will have to fill your website with quality content. That means content that will be useful to your niche. Learning today’s SEO techniques can help you increase your rankings in search engines and stand apart from your competitors who do not know this information. These five tips will help drastically any beginner who is starting to do SEO for their website.

1. Lay low on keywords

Do not be mistaken on this when I say that keywords are important. It is the life and blood of SEO and search engines would cease to exist if people didn’t search using keywords. Keywords are of paramount importance. The keywords that you target can make or break your SEO campaign.

Here is how you can pick your keywords to target. Pick the top two or three keywords that your customers or target audience would be searching for. Next find many other relevant keywords that are considered long tail keywords. When you are writing content for your website, be sure to include your keywords in your articles. The key here is to include but not spam your content with keywords. Your secondary keywords and other LSI keywords should be used more sparingly.

Search engines would want to know that your content is about certain keywords, but not to the extent that your content is stuffed with keywords. No one would appreciate reading content which is keyword stuffed.

To find good keywords to target, you can use the Google Adwords keyword planner. Using this planner, you can find keywords that are related to your niche, along with search volume information. As such, you should be targeting keywords with a certain search volume in order to bring traffic to your website.

2. Use relevant keywords

Relevant keywords are keywords that your target audience will be searching for. This is made easy with the Google Adwords planner. So to help better understand what are good relevant keywords, imagine that you are a florist targeting customers in Singapore.

So you will want to target people who are looking for “flower delivery”, “tulips”. The Internet is made up of people who search using certain keywords. Most people will search using common keywords, and less people will search using odd keywords. The key here is to target keywords which majority of people search. That will ensure that sufficient traffic will come to your website if you rank in the search engines.

Less common keywords aren’t bad to target. The reason it is not advised to target less common keywords is because it requires much more effort for minimal returns. It would take 100 times of SEO effort to target 100 keywords to get minimal results because less users are searching for it over the internet.

Why Your Aircon is Dripping Water

There are many reasons why your aircon might be dripping water even though you just paid a bomb for aircon servicing. Here we are going to outline some of the common reasons why that might be so. The most common reason for your aircon to drip water is due to possibly carelessness of the professional doing the servicing for you. The meain reason for dripping is due to damage of some components in the air conditioners. By looking out out for these pointers, it could save you leads of money on servicing and time in the future. So let’s get started. If you are looking for a aircon servicing company, be sure to check out Cool Aire (

Here’s a video that illustrates these points.

Condensation Unit: The leakage in the condensation unit is probably the most common reasons your aircon is dripping water. It could happen due to continuous use. At other times, too much condensation caused by the coil might cause leakage. How the condensation coil works is that it sucks up all the condensation in the room and discharge it through the drainage line. If that line is blocked for some reason, the excessive water might be leaked through the aircon. The condensation coil allows for the aircon to blow out cool and dry air, which what makes the room cold.

Insulation: The insulation is located on the back of the aircon and is installed during installation of your aircon. When it is damaged, it can soak up the condensation from the condensation unit. Without a way for the water to escape through drainage, it will escape through the air conditioner unit.

Drain Pipe: Each air conditioner unit has a drainage system, this is to discharge the excess condensation that is formed by the condensation unit. Over time, dust and debris might clog up the drainage and the water will have problems draining from the air con. If you are not sure what the draininage system looks like, look for the pipe that is connected to the aircon, usually that pipe will lead to toilet. If your aircon is leaking try draining and cleaning it by using a vacuum cleaner to suck up the dust and debris.

Air Flow: The air filters are your first defence towards dust and debris. This part of the aircon is easily removable and you should clean it at least twice per year. If you do not clean yoru air filter often, what happens is that dust will accumulate on the filter and that will obstruct the airflow into your aircon. Thi is cause icing in the evaporator coil and water will be ejected out of your air conditioner. So before you go out and start calling the aircon servicing company, do check out for icing on your coils.


Why you should always Backup your Data

You should know by now that computer data should always be backed up. However, most people do not understand the reason for back up and what are the available backup strategies. There are many back up solutions and through this blog post,  we aim to shed some light on this matter.

There are too many ways in which you can lose data in your computer. This can be due to unintentional reasons or malicious intent. Deciding what to backup is really up to each person’s needs. The rule of thumb is that anything that cannot be replaced or created easily should always be backed up.

One way one can keep track of what files to back up is to keep a checklist. This would make it easier to decide which files need to be backed up in a priority. It is acts as a point of reference when a back up is actually needed.

Here are some of the common list of files which are backed up:

  • Personal Projects
  • Email contacts
  • Bookmarks
  • Paid softwares
  • Music and movies
  • Bank statements and financial information

There are many solutions when it comes to backing up your data. We will go through some of them and determine which are the best for your situation. A power bank might be a good solution for you.

A USB Hard Drive is a large storage solution which can store up to 3TB of data. The beauty of this solution is that it is a one off charge and you can always buy more drives if you need more space. However, physical drives are prone to failure similar to the drive in your desktop or laptop.

A USB thumb drive is a small storage device that uses flash memory and connects to a USB port on your computer. Thumbdrives nowadays have relatively good storage capacity given their small form factor. They are also compatible with many operating systems such as Windows and Mac. Although they do hold relatively good storage, their capacity come no where close to hard drives. These are very useful for small file back ups. Check out for lovely custom USBs.

Computers are far from perfect and files can become corrupt and not usable. You may very well lose precious data when your computer fails.

For these reasons, you should always back up your data periodically and not leave things to luck. Although backing up you data can be a hassle, it should always be a habit to do so.

What Is a Flash Drive?

A flash drive is a small piece of equipment used to store and transfer information for computers using a USB. Use the USB end of a flash drive to store music, photos or other documents from a computer with information from a certified computer technician in this free video on computers.