A Story of Travel and Dreams in California

Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away, there once lived a young boy. This boy, also known as 21 Savage, is a rapper and downright gangster. Once famously quoted saying: “Mad Max, ye, I hang with the killers. Planet of the Apes, ye, I hang with gorillas.”

This inspirational quote by the young savage led to him being accepted into the School of Gangster. After a successful career and completion of his Gangsters Degree, young Savage headed out to the ‘streetz’ to find his first victims.

After stopping by ‘the sewers’, young Savage was armed and dangerous with his United States Army Core commissioned Uzi-11(also known as a Lil Uzi Vert, as it was sometimes fired into the air, with the intention of striking the heavens.)

lil uzi

After taking a ‘fat hit’ from the ‘blunt’ 21 Savage was ready to find some hoes, he headed to his nearest barn where the pimps keep the ladies. Ready for action at any time.

21 walking in spraying his Lil Uzi Vert in every direction, unsurprisingly, no one gave him any attention and operations continued as normal. Once he pulled out his Gangsters Degree from the honorary school that is School of the Gangster, many assistants came to his assistance.

Post was then assigned to the 21st Battalion of the 4th Swagger Squadron, a Nort East American division tasked with taking out high-value targets in the California district, also known as Cali.

Once in the air young Post headed up to about an altitude of 24000 feet, where he proceeded to analyze the horizon and look for targets. Once within 420km of the target, Post proceeded to drop his 4000 pound EFF bombs on the unsuspecting targets below.

EFF Bomb

These EFF bombs, once they reached their target, would suddenly expand to the size of 20 Rolls Royce Dawn Black Badge editions, which would then proceed to lift the entire target area into the air, flipping everything on it over in a wave of rage.

Due to the deadly effect of these bombs, the United Stations banned their use in 3024, after the 4th War of Rodeo Drive. The first War of Rodeo Drive took place in late 2017, when Africa’s capital, Cape Town, ran out of any water supplies and where forced to drink the blood of their ancestors.

Obviously, some of the “mane” weren’t very keen on this and proceeded to slaughter everything in sight. Due to this influx of violence in the area, many tourists from Europe, South East Asia, China, and Mexico proceeded into the area, trying to get in on the action.

After 20 years of hard fighting, the war has become a major tourist attraction and many foreigners have come from afar to witness the massacre. Thanks to our friends at spacex.com, we are able to offer five 40% discount codes for the BFR intercontinental rocket flight, so you can also have the opportunity to see the amazing event.

Dreams do come true and this is your chance if you’re lucky you might even get to meet Post and the boys.